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Welcome, I'm Pablo Berganza

  • Software developer
  • Occasional open sourcerer
  • Accessibility enthusiast

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About me

I am a software developer at ABN AMRO from El Salvador, currently based in The Netherlands. Mostly focusing on the web with JavaScript. I have experience with both front-end and back-end development. Currently working with Vue. Most of my previous work is with React and NestJS but I have experience using Svelte and Solid. I also have experience with other languages such as Clojure(Script) and Rust.

My projects


A form management library for Svelte, Solid and React.

Check the website.

Check the code on GitHub.

Solid Reach

A port of ReachUI for SolidJS aiming to be the accessible foundation for you SolidJS based design systems.

Check the code on GitHub.

Svelte Markdown

A markdown renderer that renders your markdown as Svelte components.

Check the code on GitHub.


A Chai like BDD assertion library to be used with uvu.

Check the code on GitHub.


A plugin for uvu-expect that adds assertions like @testing-library/jest-dom.

Check the code on GitHub.

Where to find me

If you'd like to contact me, you can find me on the following platforms: